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Hello, I'm Matteo.
I'm curious, passionate and endlessly willing to try and learn new technologies and tools. I constantly spot interesting readings about tech, software engineering and everything concerning digital life and trends.
Yes, matteopozzani.com is another tech related blog and website: it is where I'll try to host the most useful and interesting bits.

Well, I work as a freelance IT consultant and software engineer too. Here's what I do in my daily job.

IT Consultant

Dealing with ever-changing technologies and constantly evolving tools and can be painful. That's why I do my best to provide my customers and partners with the most useful advice on proficiently integrating IT and tech with their daily jobs.

.NET Developer

I have 11+ years of experience in software engineering and development. I have mainly focused on Microsoft and .NET technologies, C# and VB.NET programming languages, multiple DB enginges, for both desktop and web environments.

Passionate about tech

I love everything technological in my job as well as in my life. I'm constantly learning new things. I love to experiment about bleeding edge technologies at work and in my everyday's life.

That's all folks!
Thank you for reaching the very end of this page.
If you think I can help you feel free to contact me!